How much vehicle damage can one man rack up? Quite a lot, according to the new single-player trailer for Driver: San Francisco just released by Ubisoft.

Driver: SF is a direct continuation of the storyline from Driv3r. Detective John Tanner has finally arrested all-around psychopath Jericho. Jericho, however, manages to escape while being transported. While chasing him down, Tanner gets in a car accident and falls into a coma. The majority of the game takes place in coma dreams. Presumably you're reliving the events that led up to that chase.

One of the main gameplay features of Driver: SF is the "Shift" system. Tanner is able to switch vehicles in the middle of a mission through this feature. The Shift meter must then be recharged by performing power slides, jumps, and other classic examples of reckless driving. Over time you can upgrade Shift so you can switch to even more distant vehicles.

Driver: SF is due on August 30th in North America. The European release will follow on September 2nd.

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