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Activision revealed the winners of the first round of their inaugural Independent Games Competition today. Dstroyd by Peter Angstadt won the first place prize of $175,000 and Engient's Rigonauts: Broadside took home $75,000 for second prize.

"The first round of the competition was very impressive, and we have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to show our commitment to supporting the creative spirit and innovation of independent developers," said Dave Stohl, Executive Vice President of Studios at Activision. "We look forward to continuing to reward independent developers for their remarkable efforts, and inspiring them to turn their dreams into reality."

In Rigonauts, players are tasked with building their own makeshift war machine. A pack of hobgoblins then ride your creation to battle and try to annihilate their enemies. The game challenges you to continually remake your war machine until you find the right design needed for victory.

Dstroyd is a 2D ballistic shooter, sort of like Worms. You and and an opponent are trying to wipe each other off the face of the map with heavy artillery. You'll hit your opponent by carefully arcing your shots over terrain or simply blasting your way through it. Unlike Worms, though, Dstroyd takes place in real-time. Also, you can build cannon towers, barracks, units and more in order to tip the battle in your favor.

The Activision Independent Games Competition is open to all indie developers in the United States. Submissions can either be completed or in-development games. Activision plans to hold a second phase of this year's competition, with another $250,000 up for grabs. More details will be announced soon.

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