Duke Nukem Forever PC Patch Doubles Duke's Arsenal

Duke's arsenal is about to grow to twice its normal size. Unlike everything in Duke Nukem Forever, that's not sexual innuendo. Gearbox Software is planning to change Duke's inventory size and make a few other changes with an upcoming PC patch.

"The development team has been hard at work combing through the feedback provided here and elsewhere, with updates based on this feedback currently in the works for all three platforms," said Gearbox community manager Chris Faylor. "Among the changes coming to PC are a new expanded inventory option that allows you to carry up to four weapons in the single-player campaign, Valve Anti-Cheat System (VAC) support, push-to-talk voice chat, the ability to adjust FOV plus other fixes and improvements that are still being tested."

Currently DNF players can carry two weapons at a time. This is a more console-friendly system, as it's easy to map a two-weapon inventory to a controller. Carrying that over to the PC version didn't make sense, though. Console-style features just serve to piss off PC gamers, especially with a franchise like Duke Nukem that was born on the PC. Furthermore, PC gamers have plenty of keys to bind to weapons so why not let them have as many guns as they want?

Faylor made no mention of the changes included in the PS3 or Xbox 360 patches. More details are said to be coming soon, though.

Earlier this week, Gearbox announced the first downloadable content for DNF. The Hail to the Icons Parody Pack, adding new multiplayer modes and maps, is due this fall.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.