Dying Light: The Following Will Reveal More About Kyle Crane

Dying Light's first official expansion has been detailed in a trailer released by Techland today. 

The expansion, known simply as The Following, is going to shine some more light on protagonist Kyle Crane as players get to experience a little more of his back story.

The Following is set in a brand new, different location than Dying Light proper, larger than all of the maps in the original game combined. 

There are also a smattering of new features included, such as customizable dirt buggies, with which you can zoom about the landscape of the new area and run over the undead as much as you like. That's probably a lot, if you're a big Dying Light fan. 

The chapter we aren't familiar with that goes over Crane's back story should be interesting, especially considering his origins. In the original Dying Light, Crane was hired by the humanitarian Global Relief Effort to track down bandit leader Kadir Suleiman, who was on the run with a stolen file that could bring down the entire Global Relief Effort organization. 

As soon as you paradrop in at the beginning of the first game, you’re attacked by bandits and knocked out. When you wake, you find you've been rescued by members of The Tower, a sanctuary for survivors. There’s a real sense of urgency to the tale that works well with the heart-racing moments that crop up several times throughout the game, and it serves as the proper drive to keep you moving. Dying Light had a visceral and fast-paced beginning that set it apart from the droves of other zombie games out there, and that's why I'm even remotely interested in The Following

Honestly, however, dirt buggies and larger maps aren't really enough to win over some players, despite the extra content that's here in this $14.99 package. The price is right (and the expansion is free for season pass owners of course) but the trailer doesn't exactly make me want to pick the game up immediately because there's a new vehicle. Parkour was one of the better parts of Dying Light, and while it looks like there's plenty more of that, it ends up looking a whole lot like every other zombie game I've seen before, despite more polished. 

But that's a common thread within zombie games these days anyway. I'm still going to give The Following a try, but it doesn't have an official release date just yet. That's pretty common too, especially since we still have no idea when Final Fantasy XV is being released. We'll probably hear something from Techland soon, don't you worry.