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Sony's E3 presentation featured yet another video from Assassin's Creed 3. Though you might be pretty jaded after watching trailer after trailer today, this video should still stir your heart. It confirms a never-before-seen feature for AC3: naval battles.

It seems that our hero Connor eventually gets command of his own ship. He'll raid British ships to help the American Revolution. In battle, you'll steer the ship and order cannon fire.

Strictly in gameplay terms, these battles are pretty simple. You steer your ship so it's parallel to the enemy, unleash your cannons, and then make evasive manuevers to avoid return fire. The presentation of these battles really seal the deal, though. The weather shifts, the frantic activity of your crew, the way cannon fire rips apart the ships, the rising and falling of the ships as they hit the waves - it's all just gorgeous. If nothing else, watching it will be fun.

It's not clear how big of a part of the game these battles will be. Like the vehicle segments in previous AC entries, there might only be a finite number in the campaign. Nonetheless, they're just one more reason to look forward to this game.

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