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You really liked that ridiculous bank heist scene from Fast Five? How about that over-the-top tanker scene from the opening of Fast & Furious? Well, if doing ridiculous things in fast cars is the sort of thing that really gets your boy-wood and girl-wood all wooded up, then Ubisoft's The Crew could be the game of your dreams come true.

Aiming to encroach on EA's stranglehold on the sports car racing genre with Need for Speed, The Crew takes the concept of crew-based racing to new heights by allowing gamers to form up with friends and take on a number of campaign-based tasks with asynchronous multiplayer. The game is a little bit Driver: San Francisco meets Burnout Paradise meets WWE Survivor Series. The main idea is that crews of players will be vying for and playing against each other with a wide range of multiplayer possibilities.

Players will also be able to hop into the role of pedestrian vehicles as well and wreck havoc against foes or deck out their car with a really, really, really detailed vehicle customization feature that allows you to take on any road condition and situation.

I don't know how excited I am quite yet for The Crew. There's that nagging feeling like a drunk husband always coming home late to an angry wife that perhaps, just maybe The Crew could end up like Atari's Test Drive Unlimited 2, which was an awesome concept wrapped up in 100% fail. So we'll see how well this game turns out and whether Ubisoft will be able to do what a bunch of other companies haven't been able to accomplish with the asynchronous racing genre.

More info? Feel free to drop by the Ubisoft website.

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