Tons of gameplay features for the recently announced Metal Gear Solid V were zipped through during the Microsoft stage presentation for the Xbox One at this year's E3. Keeping it short and contained, the video above gives you a nice look at some of the features for the next-gen Metal Gear title.

Metal Gear Solid V sees the return of Big Boss, the Naked Snake, voiced by Keifer Sutherland, as he dons his final mission in Outer Haven before being killed by Solid Snake. The game will give players a very serious look at the prequel that eventually leads into the original Metal Gear Solid for the PSX.

Based on the trailer above, it looks like there are a ton of people losing limbs and getting scarred up as a result of the mortality-embracing dangers of war.

The trailer was part of a line-up of Microsoft's dibs on third-party titles to showcase during their E3 event. They said that the entire thing would be about games and boy was it ever. Having a usually PlayStation-local brand like Konami debut MGS5 during the Xbox One conference was a smug act of one-upsmanship from Microsoft and time will tell if it worked out for them or not.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is due out for next-generation consoles and runs on Kojima's latest iteration of the Fox Engine. More info? Feel free to visit the official website.

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