Wow that was quick. What was it? Two days ago? Three days ago? EA's Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore commented about ensuring each of EA's games shipping with some sort of online functionality and now he's backtracking parts of the comment to further clarify the company's position. If backtracking was a commodity the stock prices would be soaring between all the comment-rewinding going on between Microsoft and EA.

Speaking with the ambassadors of the Doritocracy, IGN, Peter Moore came out and openly stated that EA has nothing to hide in their closet of policies, and that they have pride in their commitment to the franchises that gamers from every corner of the world loves and enjoys, and that they would never jeopardize the integrity of their brands with anti-consumer measures.

Without needing to paraphrase, Moore stated that...
“Today, most games are ‘online’ in some way, shape or form,” ... “Many games connect in online multiplayer modes; others include online services which allow for periodic content updates, sharing stats or achievements or connecting with friends; and others are games downloaded through digital delivery methods like Origin or the App Store. The reality is, the Internet and social connectivity touches every one of our titles today – and has for several years.”

Using this kind of thinking, Electronic Arts has ventured into the forbidden arts of digital rights management, a kind of practice many people look upon with disgust and disdain.

Catching frowns from furious gamers is not EA's intent and while the company seems to take more missteps than Miley Cyrus in a tap dancing twerk contest, they continually try to find their way back from the precipice that falls off into the abyss known as the dark side (assuming they weren't there already).

Moore wanted to clarify that his comments weren't aimed at putting EA back at the ledge overlooking a pit of bones from the former Sith Lords who were the CEOs of companies who have ruined our economy and have found their way into the good graces of the gaming industry. He states that...
“What that does NOT mean is that every game we ship will require an online connection,” ... “Many, if not most, of our games include single-player, offline modes that you can play entirely without an Internet connection, if you so choose. We know that’s something many of our players want, and we will continue to deliver it.”

“I hope this helps to clear up a few things, and I look forward to your feedback in the comments below,”

If this news was on 1UP there wouldn't be any “comments” below since it's already a ghost town. But I'm assuming he means sites that aren't bought out or shutdown by the same people who seem to be in charge of EA... and in that case, the Doritocracy reporting on the news is filled with jokes, memes and the proverbial DLC comments such as “EA, the gift that kee- (5$ for DLC "finish sentence pack")” and “EA and Microsoft sure are similar when it comes to PR.”

No complaints here.

Anyway, Moore's backtrack was prompted due to the big holiday season that lays ahead for the publishing giant. EA has a full plate of gaming food on their platter this fall, with Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals and their annual sports titles to fill out both current and next-gen consoles and PC. The only group of gamers spared their corporate shenanigans are Wii U owners... darn you lucky cats.

Not to end on the typical "whiny" core gamer note, I'll at least say that EA is trying and with stuff like a 24-hour refund policy on Origin and their attempt to bridge gaps with the indie community is at least admirable if only mildly questionable. Whoever says that the face of evil can't smile like an angel isn't watching EA right now.

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