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Who said the devil can't spare the whip to share his wine? It looks like Electronic Arts is playing up the “Good guy, Greg” moniker for all its worth by publicly announcing that all previous Online Passes will be shutdown and passcodes for older EA titles will not be required to make use of their online and multiplayer functionality.

This is great news for gamers out there burdened with paying extra fees for accessing multiplayer components in Electronic Arts' games. The news comes courtesy of Videogamer, who spotted the announcement by EA's help desk, who stated...
"For new EA titles, Online Pass will no longer be needed or included,"... "Additionally, we are in the process of eliminating Online Pass requirements from existing EA games. This process will take several weeks. For some games, the prompt to enter an Online Pass code will no longer appear; for others, you will still need to download and install an Online Pass, but they will be available free of charge from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace or PlayStation Store."

For those not in the know, EA originally announced two weeks ago that they would be killing off the Online Pass program, also known as Project $10. The reason the company was so easily willing to give up that measure of revenue is because Microsoft (and many also presume Sony) have a used game fee setup so that publishers and platform holders will get a percentage of revenue from the second hand channel.

Whether or not the used game fee will go into practice or not is anyone's guess. There's a pretty big movement happening courtesy of NeoGaf to get the used game fees and DRM extricated from the system's main functionality, but it's anyone's guess whether or not it will work.

So far EA's fast track to forgiveness was cut short once everyone saw their partnership with Microsoft and the unveiling of the used game plan came into view. However, there's still time for's never too late!

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