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Forget about everything else out there, when you need raw over-clocking power that reaches and exceeds 1.6ghz GPU clock speeds there’s nothing on the market quite like the EVGA Nvidia GTX 580 Classified edition.

Engineered specifically for over-the-top performance, the GTX 580 Classified features extreme water cooling, 13% better performance and system stability over the standard GTX 580 and more than 1000 watts of pure, adrenaline pumping action.

The design comes courtesy of Vince "k|ngp|n" Lucido and Illya "TiN" Tsemenko who wanted a powerful card without the limitations of SLI, saying…
“While competitors spend time adding dual GPUs to cards that already support SLI, increasing them to 3 slots, crippling them with only 1.5GB of memory, and/or quadrupling the price, we wanted to take a different approach. One that made sense for both gamers and enthusiasts…"With the EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Classified, we focused on the key elements that the GPU and Memory need when overclocking. Power, stability, noise ripple reduction and extreme OC mode without limits. The design was created with overclocking in mind."

Hydro-copper water-cooling, 0.6mm pin matrix for cooling transfer, water-flow monitoring, 4ghz memory clock speeds and a whopping 202gbs per second memory bandwidth makes this one beast of a card.

While it may have taken three Nvidia GTX 580s to run The Samaritan in real-time, I’m curious if Epic’s next-gen demo would be able to run on one GTX 580 Classified Edition? Heck, I don’t think there’s any game coming out that would even remotely give this card a hard time running at the maxed out settings. The core clock speeds are about double of most high-end cards and the 1.7ghz shader speed means that you won’t have any trouble running the most advanced shader simulations, programs and effects out there, including the highly lauded ENB series for games like Grand Theft Auto IV.

Regardless, the card will be available to over-clockers, PC consumers and hardcore gamers alike. You can learn more about this absolute beast of a card by dropping by the Official EVGA Website for more info.

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