Capcom's third-person, sci-fi shooter E.X. Troopers, based on the Lost Planet lore, is shaping up to be quite the game. Featuring a cartoon, cel-shaded art-style and anime-esque combat mechanics, E.X. Troopers is a far cry from all those gray-brown shooters out there and you get to see 15 whole minutes of the game in action to reinforce that point.

Polish gaming site let loose a new 15 minute video featuring a gameplay demo for Capcom's upcoming E.X. Troopers. You get to see the third-person shooting mechanics on display, the grappling feature and a lot of the fanciful melee attacks. Check it out below.

The game reminds me more an adventure-shooter like Phantasy Star than the typical corridor-style shooter like the previous Lost Planet game. I don't know if the rest of the game plays out in a similar fashion, but it's an interesting direction for a game like this and it seems to actually hearken back to a time where games were made to be different and creatively original. In fact, E.X. Troopers looks like it was shuffled right out of the PS2 era with its strong focus on actual gameplay mechanics as opposed to trying to sell a broadly appealing gimmick to a target casual audience.

While the game isn't being considered for localization for a release here in North America, that doesn't mean you can work some importing magic and grab a copy of the game when it does release in Japan for the PS3.

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