Mario Kart is a series that is marked with a lot of great moments of excitement, joy, anger, frustration and fun. A lot of those mixed emotions come from the various items, tracks and characters that get stirred around into a mixing bowl of unpredictable antics and entertainment.

This particular list will focus only on the major and most recognized items in Mario Kart that help facilitate said antics and entertainment, as well as contribute to all the wide range of emotions that burn through gamers as they zip past the finish line. Ranked in order from worst to best, you can check out the complete list of the items, some of your favorites and some of your most hated in Nintendo's Mario Kart series, below.

13. Blooper/Ink Stain
The Blooper item, also sometimes referred to as the Ink Stain, is a terribly useless item. It stains the screen of your opponents with ink blots. That's it. It's designed to impair the vision of other racers, potentially getting them to make a mistake on the track. However, it's very rare that Blooper will cause someone to crash into a wall and burn, or drive off track into a pond. It doesn't last long enough to really affect other racers and it doesn't obscure the screen enough to make it a hated or destructive weapon. The only thing most people think about when Blooper strikes is how annoyingly useless it is.

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