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Some fans cannot contain their own hype for Fallout 4. In fact, the hype has reached levels that are beyond the scope of Fallout itself, spilling over into completely different games in completely different genres... like 2K Sports' NBA 2K16.

Over on Reddit within the sub for 2K Sports' NBA 2K series, there's a thread about someone's custom team that they made in the game. Do you know what that custom team is? If you guessed a Fallout 4 team, you guessed correct.

User Typical_Redditor_459 links to an imgur post where there are images of the custom Fallout-inspired team that they created within the recently released NBA 2K16.

The imgur post showcases both the home and away teams, where the away team has the iconic Fallout cog on the jersey and the home team jersey has the equally iconic Fallout Boy on the bottom of the jersey.

The way the photos are captured makes the custom team look pretty solid. The name of the team is the Vault-Tec Dwellers. Don't be surprised to see them making their way through the ranks when you play NBA 2K16 online.

Over in the Reddit thread various comments talk about how hyped they are for the upcoming game and that they can't wait for it to release this November. Apparently the hype is so strong that it managed to spill over into a whole other game.

Bethesda has been feeding that hype regularly with S.P.E.C.I.A.L., videos where they cover the different skills available in Fallout 4. They've given gamers a look at the endurance, strength and charisma traits in the game, as well as the perks that come along with them. According to Bethesda there are more than 270 total perk levels that players can customize their character with.

While Call of Duty used to be the biggest game of the fall season and Assassin's Creed used to be up there right with it, over the past couple of years gamers have grown somewhat tired of both the mammoth franchises and the hype levels have dissipated greatly for both titles. Bethesda on the other hand has all kinds of community-driven hype going for Fallout 4 since gamers have been desperately awaiting a new entry in the series since Fallout: New Vegas.

Don't worry, though, the release for the game is coming soon enough once November 10th comes around. At that point you won't have to wait for the game or make Fallout 4 teams in NBA 2K16 to bide the time.

Bethesda's open-world, action-RPG is set for release this fall on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. However, if this article got you in the mood to play some basketball, you can actually pick a copy of 2K Sports' NBA 2K16 right now for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 or PC. And heck, maybe someone can make a Black Ops 3 team in the game and have them go head-to-head with the Fallout team.

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