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Fallout 4 Video Explains Why You Need Strength

Fallout 4 will once again use the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute system for characters. Today Bethesda released an animated video that shows the importance of the first character stat, Strength.

Strength, the Vault-Tec documentary says, allows you to comfortably carry more items. That's a big advantage, considering how much of your gear will be scavenged from the wasteland. If you're carrying more than your Strength allows, you'll slow down or be unable to move entirely. Past games also restricted you from quick-traveling when encumbered.

This attribute is also important for melee combat. It improves your damage and accuracy with weapons like the Ripper, Power Fist and whatever else you find. Personally, I think you're better off just sniping from afar. The VATS system skewed most Fallout games toward ranged combat. But hey, to each their own.

The video adds that Strength helps you craft "specialized protective gear" and "clever weapons." That's a big deal, considering how much Bethesda has expanded the crafting system for Fallout 4. They've said previously there are 50 weapons and 700 possible modifications. Players can also tweak Power Armor to their liking. I can't help but think that other attributes besides Strength (Intelligence?) will play a role in this process too, though. Maybe the attribute requirements for crafting will vary depending on the type of item?

Vault Boy is overburdened

Many games in the series had a Strength requirement for certain heavy weapons like the Fat Man (essentially a mini-nuke launcher). In New Vegas, you could still use these weapons even if you didn't meet the requirement but your accuracy or speed would be affected. These penalties could be offset with perks or armor that boosted the player's strength, though. It's unclear whether Fallout 4 will bring back this mechanic.

Bethesda says this video is the start of a longer series. Expect to see animated introductions to the Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck attributes between now and Fallout 4's launch in early November.

This is the second update on Fallout 4 Bethesda shared this week. Yesterday they announced their post-launch plans for the RPG. They intend to release several paid DLC packs, available with a Season Pass. However, they'll also be releasing new features for free and giving PC owners a new Creation Kit so they can create mods. PC gamers will be able to share these mods with Xbox One and PS4 owners somewhere down the road as well.

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