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Bethesda has plans on overhauling the Survival Mode in Fallout 4, the big-selling AAA title that came out last November for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The overhaul will likely arrive with news about the new DLC, according to a couple of tweets that Bethesda made on their official account.

PC Gamer took note of the tweets that you can read below and reached out to Bethesda to ask if they had anymore details to share about the Survival Mode, but they responded with a simple “Nope!”

The overhaul has been received with a lot of positive feedback. There are still some saying that the mode should have contained those features from the start, but sometimes it's better late than never.

The addition of starvation and disease will put Fallout 4's Survival Mode on par to the likes of games such as DayZ, which really popularized the need to seek out food, shelter, water and supplies to avoid catching infections or dying to something that isn't a monster or zombie, like falling out of a barn and breaking your legs and then slowly bleeding out to death.

Anyway, there have been no details before now about the DLC for Fallout 4. Most gamers knew that the DLC would be arriving but the contents of that DLC have been kept firmly under wraps. It makes sense because so much content for so many big games happens to be spoiled well before it's actually released. In fact, it's more of a shock if a company can actually surprise gamers with an announcement given how often leaks happen, just like Bethesda's own reveal of Dishonored 2 was actually leaked a day before the official announcement due to a technical error on Twitch.

The company appears to want to keep the contents of the Fallout 4 DLC as close to their chest as possible along with the overhaul of the Survival Mode. Technically, a proper overhaul of the mode could easily put the game in contention with many games on Steam right now where players have to survive in the wilderness or the wasteland, such as Rust or Hurtworld or Crashlands.

Historically Bethesda have been known to roll out a lot of content in their expansions, so gamers aren't really worried too much about the quality of the DLC given the quality of the packs that were made available for Skyrim. The question is whether or not the DLC will be as engrossing for Fallout 4 as it was for Skyrim? And given that the PS4 and Xbox One don't suffer from the RAM limitations of the PS3, which really hampered how they made the DLC available for Sony's system, it will be interesting to see how big and how bold they go with the expansions.