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Family Guy Online, the MMO based on the animated Fox show, will soon join the likes of Matrix Online and Tabula Rasa. The official website has announced that the game will be ceasing operations by the middle of January.

FGO allowed players to create their own Quahog character and explore the world of the show. The game was browser-based, only requiring players to install a Unity Web Player. It was free-to-play and supported by optional microtransactions with real-world money.

What makes this shutdown a bit unusual is that the game never fully launched. It's currently in public beta. I suppose 20th Century Fox wasn't pleased by the game's cash-flow during the testing.

The game will officially shut down on Friday, January 18th. Real-money purchases made between October 22nd and December 21st will be refunded by early January. If you made purchases by PayPal and credit cards, your money will be directly refunded back to that account. Payments by any other means will be refunded with Ultimate Game Card codes.

Family Guy Online was developed by Acronym Games and Roadhouse Interactive. The test version went live in July 2011.