Far Cry 3 Monkey Business Pack Is Pre-Order Exclusive

GameStop is once again tempting gamers with exclusive pre-order DLC for a big fall release. In a new trailer, Randall from that "Honey Badger" video details the Monkey Business pack for Far Cry 3.

The DLC centers around a colorful new character named Hurk. Like many people, Hurk prefers to solve his problems using explosives strapped to monkeys. He'll send you off on four different missions involving a boat chase, ancient ruins and more.

Monkey Business Pack also has some new content for the online side of the game. You'll receive "two new ways to humiliate your friends." It's not clear whether these are just new taunts or some sort of abilities. Either way, I expect them to be monkey-themed.

There's no mention of whether this DLC will be sold after launch to folks who didn't pre-order through GameStop. It's a likely scenario, though.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.