Ubisoft has released a new patch for all versions of Far Cry 3. This new update provides several single-player and multiplayer changes that were requested by fans.

The patch provides a new Master difficulty that beefs up enemies and wildlife alike. In order to play on Master difficulty, you have to complete the campaign once. If you'd rather not restart the game completely, you can opt to reset all the world's outposts to hostile. Rounding out the single-player changes are new UI options to let you enable/disable most on-screen info.

The multiplayer tweaks are less dramatic but still welcome. Players can now host beta tests for their custom maps, or search for maps by author. Idle players can no longer be kicked out from private or custom matches. If you want to skip a map, you'll have more time to cast your vote.

Screenshots of all the new features are below. They're mostly shots of the game's menus, though, so they're pretty underwhelming.

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