The release of Far Cry 4 is coming ever-so-close to release on home consoles and PC. Before a game can ship to homes it first has to go gold. Well, Ubisoft recently announced that Far Cry 4 has gone gold as they prep for launch in the middle of this month.

The Ubisoft blog post (which is just another step from publishers towards the decimation of ad-driven independent gaming blogs all the around) lays out the details about the first-person shooter finally having the gold master disc stamped and shipped off to the printing press for mass duplication. Of course, most press (or blog) posts about a game going gold is mostly just several paragraphs of buttering up the game's features and functions.

Executive producer Dan Hay dropped some comments about the game in the post, stating...
When I look back at Far Cry 4’s development, I’m amazed at what the team pulled off,” .... “We added verticality. We gave the player the ability to fly. We gave them the ability to fly in co-op. We gave them the ability to fly and have the other player down on the ground running around while they’re flying. We made the number of encounters way higher. The encounters are different, and the animals are different. The characters are unique, and your friends will have subtly different experiences with the story. I’m proud of both the quality and the sheer volume in Far Cry 4.”

Beyond going gold, Ubisoft also has a blog post about the pre-order bonuses for Far Cry 4 and it's the sort of thing that will likely make your blood boil.

You see there are retailer-specific pre-order bonuses available for Far Cry 4. What does this mean? It means that if you want the Driller PKM light-machine gun you're going to have to pre-order Far Cry 4 from GameStop.

If you want the butcher's machete you'll have to pre-order from Best Buy.

If you want the Sandman 1911 Pistol you'll need to pre-order from Wal Mart.

And if you want the double-barrel elephant rifle you'll have to pre-order from Amazon.

Additionally, anyone who pre-orders from any of those listed retailers will automatically receive a special “Yak Mission” along with a free upgrade to the “Limited Edition” that comes with Hurk's special mission.

A lot of gamers have become incensed at the idea of having to purchase different pre-orders in order to get the full content of a game. It's an annoying and disruptive way to get more gamers to part ways with their money early on. The whole pre-order culture is definitively anti-consumer, since you have to put money aside for an untested product before it releases, mostly putting your trust in the quality of the product in the hands of pre-release information. However, how many websites out there aren't actually just PR-extensions of the publishers?

We're in dire times these days. It's frustrating seeing so many games focus so much on restricted content that sometimes requires money to be put upfront before having any actual access to the game.

Realistically, any game that has retailer-specific pre-order bonuses should have a playable demo made available several months beforehand so gamers know what they're getting into and avoid more situations like Aliens: Colonial Marines.

You can look for Far Cry 4 to launch for home consoles and PC starting November 18th, later this month.
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