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Fight Off Zombies On A Rainy Day With the Umbrella Umbrella

Gamers looking for a subtle way to show their love for the Resident Evil games might want to check this out. ThinkGeek is now selling an umbrella that resembles the logo of the sinister Umbrella Corporation when viewed from above.

It's called "the Umbrella Umbrella" and can be yours for fifteen dollars. "This is an automatic-opening, compact nylon umbrella with a metal handle and a 42 inch arc. It features a matte-black handle and black button on top. Plus, this one includes a flexible, black wrist strap, which is valuable when you're swinging it as a bludgeon against invading zombie hordes."

In all likelihood, this is not the only place you can buy an umbrella with an alternating red and white pattern. ThinkGeek is probably the first to actually tout such an umbrella as a Resident Evil nostalgia item, though. Marketing is everything, folks.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.