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Fightin' Words: Rock Band Dev on Guitar Hero's Song Creation

Now that both Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour are out, it's time to check in with what the developers have to say about their competition. One of the biggest differences between the two titles is Guitar Hero's "song creation" ability, which many claim is an amazing innovation in the plastic musical instrument game genre. So what does Rock Band 2 Lead Designer Dan Teasdale have to say about it?

"We actually want to find a way to for people to create music and express themselves, but when we do we want to make sure that people can sing, or the songs can be longer than three minutes, or that you can have more than 1200 notes, or that you're not tied to some dodgy sample somewhere. [...] We want to make sure it's an authentic experience and it fits on the platform."

Sounds to me like Dan pretty much said, "We don't like to half-ass our work, but thanks for trying!." Personally, I'm a Rock Band type of guy and haven't even tried World Tour, so I'm not sure if Dan's comments are accurate. What do you think of the song creation in Guitar Hero?