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Today Square Enix brought Final Fantasy 4 to mobile devices. The RPG, originally released for SNES back in 1991, can be downloaded to your iOS device for $14.99.

FF4 (initially released in North America as Final Fantasy II) stars the dark knight Cecil, captain of the Red Wings airships brigade. The story opens with him being stripped of his command for insubordination. He's then sent on a courier mission. As is the case with all Final Fantasy games, though, the simple mission quickly becomes a quest to save the world.

This game was the first to introduce the Active Time Battle system still used in present-day FF titles. FF4 is also fondly remembered due to its story. Cast members like Cecil, Kain and Golbez are fan favorites and were featured in Square Enix's Dissidia fighting games as well.

The iOS edition is based off the DS remake. It features 3D graphics and cutscenes with voice acting. The iOS version also supports Game Center so players will have plenty of Achievements to unlock. The App Store also says that the game's difficulty has been tweaked for "improved playability." Is that code for "easier"?

In 2008, Square Enix released a sequel to FF4 called The After Years on WiiWare. Perhaps they'll release After Years on iOS in time as well. ported to many different platforms.

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