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One of the most praised Final Fantasy games that no one got to play outside of Japan is called Final Fantasy Type-0. It's a radically awesome game with some cool gameplay features, but Square hates money so you won't have the option of buying it stateside. Thankfully, fans have taken the task up of translating the game for English speaking gamers, so those outside of Japan will have an opportunity to enjoy the game for all it's worth.

DualShockers spotted the translation update coming out of the Sky's RomHacking Nest.

The translation is coming along quite nicely, as evidenced with the video teaser above, which features a full cinematic with English subtitles (I love the Japanese voice acting by the way, it's so pure and grounded in the mythos that the story is trying to tell.)

As noted in the article on DS...
“If you’re wondering how a PSP game looks so good and crisp in high resolution (use the HD option on the video), it’s because it’s fully compatible with the PPSSPP emulator, that renders games at whatever resolution you tell it to, effectively making 3D PSP games look like they are played on Vita or even better.”

So you all know what this means? You can grab yourself a copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 from a place like PlayAsia.com and then run it on the PPSSPP emulator for the ultimate experience, with the English translation patch tossed in for good measure, of course.

The original game was highly praised in and outside of Japan, with notable sites like PlayStation LifeStyle scoring the game 8/10 for the imported version.

It's a shame that Square didn't put the effort in themselves to bring Type-0 to other territories outside of Japan. Ironically enough, they're actually lifting a lot of features from Type-0 for Lightning Returns, which would sort of beg you to question as to why they didn't just release Type-0 in the first place? Even though the company has said localization is possible, they haven't put in a lot of headway in making it known that it's actually going to happen. Typical Square Enix. Then again, a lot of people are still waiting on them to do a HD remake of Final Fantasy VII.

Anyway, if you're curious what Final Fantasy Type-0 looks and plays like on the original PSP, you can check out a video below. And feel free to visit the official RomHacking Nest website for the translation patch.

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