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At E3 2006, Square Enix announced the action RPG Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Since then, details have been few and far between. Many FF fans are tired of the silence from Square Enix and have banded together to protest it.

"Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced at roughly the same time as Final Fantasy XIII, yet the latter game has not only had a sequel, but a third game is in the making," says the petition of Project Crystallis. "The aim of this project is to increase Square Enix’s transparency regarding this game as much as possible so that we may obtain more information, possibly even a release window."

FF Versus XIII stars Noctis Lucius Caelum, the prince of an endangered city state. This state is said to be in possession of the last crystal on the planet. This crystal, apparently imbued with some sort of magical power, has sparked a massive world-wide war. Noctis and a few companions set out to recover the crystal after it's stolen by an opposing nation. Square Enix has been extremely quiet about Versus. In July, they announced that it wasn't cancelled. That's the only update they provided on the project in quite some time, though.

Project Crystallis also has a second goal. They want to see Final Fantasy Type-0 (aka Final Fantasy Agito XIII) released in both Europe and North America. The PSP RPG debuted in Japan last fall.

If you're interested in contributing to the cause, head to Project Crystallis's Facebook page.