Square Enix will soon re-launch Final Fantasy XIV. How will they regain gamers' trust in the time leading up to the release of FF XIV 2.0? By releasing CGI trailers, of course!

The trailer shows the world beset by monsters and a mysterious storm. This footage is likely a reference to the in-game story event setting up the re-launch. The world is entering the "Seventh Umbral Era," a time marked by destruction and decay. The game's website mentions an invasion by the Garlean Empire and tribes of beastmen summoning primal deities. It's a rough time to live in Eorzea.

It's an attractive trailer to be sure. I wonder whether it's going to pull anyone into playing the game, though. FFXIV's flaws were well-chronicled at this point so MMO players are going to be a bit wary of the project. Seems like they ought to focus their energy on convincing players that this game will be much more fun after the re-launch.

Final Fantasy XIV 2.0, also dubbed Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, will introduce several improvements to the much-maligned MMO. Square Enix is promising a new graphics engine, revamped user interface, new server system and more. These features will be available upon FF XIV 2.0's launch or shortly afterward.

Square Enix plans to hold a beta for FFXIV 2.0 this fall. The PC re-launch will be followed by the PS3 debut of the game.

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