The first proper details on Nintendo's next-generation console, the Wii U, has been leaked, according to a functionality slide of the platform for Slightly Mad Studios' Project Cars.

Courtesy of N-Europe, the leaked document features several slides with one pertaining to how the Wii U operates in regards to its controller. Slightly Mad Studios is taking advantage of the controller's front-facing camera, as well as its touchscreen component and gyro feature. Other details from the slide include:
  • Screen as primary view - I.e., allowing you to transfer play of the game between the TV and on-the-go around the house.
  • Screen as secondary view - Switch between rear-view mirror, overhead map, telemetry.
  • Primary input method - Drive by tilting the controller, on-screen buttons replicate the buttons/switches on a real wheel (push to toggle on/off or flip up/down).
  • Secondary input method - Manage decisions in the pits (swiping through tire choices, setting fuel amount).
  • Camera - personalise your profile, pose for the podium.
  • Menu navigation method - Flick photos from your gallery to the TV, private chat with team-mates.
Slight Mad Studios, who were the developer behind Need for Speed: Shift, announced a Wii U version earlier this year for its racing simulator.

Shaping up to be one of the most visually striking racers ever, Project Cars will take racing simulation to the next level and undoubtedly go head-to-head with Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5, also a pinnacle in graphical prowess. The former will make use of DX11 features, as showcased below in two new unofficial trailers.

Nintendo will reveal the full technical details of the Wii U during its E3 press conference in June. The console is expected to arrive in stores by the end of the year. No date has been provided yet, however.

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