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In a good attempt to get their name out there and garner some decent public exposure, RTL Interactive has announced that they are giving away Xbox Live redeem-codes for their XBLA titles, Ion Assault and Football Genius – The Ultimate Quiz.

According to the press release...
RTL interactive Games Publishing announced today an exclusive competition of redeem-codes for its Xbox LIVE Arcade titles Ion Assault and Football Genius – The Ultimate Quiz on their Facebook page.

So for everyone wondering what the “catch” is, don’t worry because there really is no catch other than having a Facebook account. I doubt most people who are reading this page don’t have Facebook accounts. So the next step in retrieving those XBLA codes all you’ll need to do is drop by the Official RTL Interactive Facebook Page to participate in the contest.

That seems pretty straight-forward. If you don’t have a Facebook account then you might want to register one quickly before everyone with a Facebook account snatches up those codes.