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Square Enix has a series of new video trailers out detailing the various Wanzer mech builds in the upcoming Front Mission Evolved. The trailers give gamers a bit of insight into using various Wanzer weapon load-outs to perform distinct tasks, such as sniping, melee fighting or becoming a maelstrom of bullets.

Front Mission Evolved is the first game in the long running series to step away from the turn-based tactical combat that originally made the series so popular years ago, starting out originally on the SNES. The highlight of the Front Mission games is that players customize their Wanzer battalion and head onto the battlefield against various foes also using customized Wanzers. The newest game focuses more on realtime, player-driven combat and sets itself up to compete with From Software’s laudable Armored Core series.

You can check out the four new trailers for the game below, featuring the battle Wanzer, the sniper Wanzer and the medium assault Wanzer. To learn more about Front Mission Evolved for the Xbox 360 and PS3, feel free to visit the Official Website.

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