GTA 4 Video Features Incredible Terminator 2 Action Scenes

There's a video featuring the action sequences from James Cameron's Terminator 2, all compiled into a neat little collage that runs just under three minutes.

This is an extremely impressive video because it's all done within a modded version of Grand Theft Auto IV on PC. I also really have to give this guy props for his audio and animation timing with the sound being ripped from the movie.

Not only did Alexander Lesovoy manage to put the audio and visuals in place with startling accuracy, but he even managed to take the time to make the imported Arnold model file move his mouth to the voiceover. Excellent work.

And just for reference, in order to do what he did requires a lot of time and patience. You have use a GTA IV trainer to setup, restrict and animate an object with certain kind of limitations. Getting the mouth to move and record it without the game crashing is kind of a miracle in itself given how unstable GTA IV becomes once you started throwing mods into the mix.

The other noteworthy part is something that seems small but isn't. When the fat T-1000 gets shot, you see he has the bubbly liquid metal patches on him. Now I have to be completely honest: I have no idea how Lesovoy managed to pull that off. See, at first I thought he replaced the game's standard blood decals (which is still possible). The thing is, in the same scene we see the T-101 model get shot and the standard decals are used.

Now, one thing he could have done is recorded the scene first with the T-101 model and T-1000 doing the shootout and captured all the footage of Arnold getting shot, and then exited the game, replaced the blood decals with the liquid metal indentions and then re-entered GTA IV to record the shootout of the T-1000 getting shot with the new liquid metal blood decals. This could make the most sense only because Rockstar started using the new parallex blood decals in GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption, before switching over to three-dimensional deformation squibs in Max Payne 3. Well, that's the only thing I can come up with, but that seems like an exceptionally tedious task on Alexander's part.

Mad props, though, to Lesovoy for stumping me with how he pulled off some of those effects.

Another scene that I thought was absolutely top-notch was the T-1000 walking away from the burning wreckage on the highway. If you weren't paying attention, you might even think that it was real-life footage. He did a superb job capturing that scene with startling realism.

The best scene is definitely the hospital escape. Good goodness, he did an amazing job with the way Arnold handles the Winchester and blasts the T-1000 right in the face. Just, breathtaking camera work and editing. Lesovoy really knocked it out of the ballpark.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.