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If you're looking to play Grand Theft Auto V right when the clock strikes midnight, you've got plenty of ways to make that happen. Rockstar has announced the full details on their open-world game's midnight launch on September 17th.

Thousands of game stores throughout the world will be open late to sell GTA V. Big chains like GameStop, Walmart and Best Buy are all hosting midnight launches here in North America, while UK gamers can choose from stores like Tesco and HMV. If you live in either territory, you can use Rockstar's new widget to find a list of stores opening at midnight to sell the game:

Before you pre-order, though, it's a good idea to call the store in advance and make sure that they're actually doing a midnight launch. Otherwise, you may have to suffer the horror of getting a good night's sleep and then picking up the game in the morning.

Rockstar says that they'll be hosting a special launch event at Union Square in New York City. During the event, they'll be giving away limited edition GTA V gear. You'll also be able to see the Bravado Banshee up close and personal. This one-of-a-kind vehicle, based off a sports car in the game, is the prize in a contest being run by GameStop.

If you go to a Walmart for midnight launch, you'll get a GTA V logo keychain for your troubles. Best Buy, meanwhile, will be giving out posters featuring characters from the game. Each store only has limited supplies of these tchotchkes though so get their early if you're obsessed with merch.

If you're buying the PS3 version, though you can avoid a late night shopping trip entirely by purchasing the game through PSN. If you pre-purchase the game through the European PlayStation Network, you'll be able to start pre-loading the files on 3pm BST on Sunday. Gamers in North America will have to wait until 3am EST on Monday but they should still have plenty of time to download GTA V before midnight. It's a convenience that Xbox 360 owners sadly won't enjoy for GTA V, as Microsoft hasn't announced any plans to add it to their Games on Demand service.

GTA V brings the open-world crime series in and around Los Santos, the fictional equivalent of Los Angeles. Career criminals Michael, Trevor and Franklin will team up to pull off daring heists. Outside of these heists, players can switch between these characters at will in order to experience their unique stories. The game will also ship with a multiplayer component called GTA Online with a variety of cooperative and competitive activities.

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