GTA 5 Online Heists Animations Leaked, Reveal Bank Robberies

GTA Online doesn't have co-op heists yet but gamers keep finding more and more pieces of them in the game's files. The latest discovery is a set of animations that give us some information on the types of heists players will undertake.

The animations unearthed by Chr0m3xMoDz reveal that players will be robbing a lot of banks. The animations have categories called "rural bank," "ornate bank," and "country bank." There are several banks throughout the world of GTA 5 that could fit these descriptions.

This is the second time we've heard reference to an "ornate bank" heist in GTA Online. Descriptions of the heists allegedly found in the game's source code mentioned that same phrase. In that mission, players hack a vault, grab the cash inside and then bring it to a drop-off location with police in pursuit.

During these heists, players will be forcing employees at gunpoint to unlock the vault. There are all sorts of cowering animations, too, for the hapless civilians caught in the bank during the robbery.

Another category of the animations is called "fbi_heist." Presumably this is a reference to the FIB, the federal law enforcement agency in GTA 5. They're based in a skyscraper in downtown Los Santos. Players infiltrated their headquarters in GTA 5's campaign and it seems they'll be returning in GTA Online.

The FIB heist is corroborated by the source code leak mentioned earlier. The source code description of the FIB mission says that players will rappell down the agency's tower, download classified data, and then skydive to a getaway car.

One other animation that caught my eye on the list was called "boom_brucie." Brucie Kibbutz is the musclehead from GTA 4 who returned in GTA 5 as a spokesman for Bull Shark Testosterone supplements. Will he be involved in one of the co-op heists?

The rest of the 108 animations are less specific, giving only slight hints to what sort of heists they'll be used for. They include smashing cases, swiping keycards, dropping off packages, and grabbing coke. Just the average day in the life of a Los Santos scumbag.

GTA Online was supposed to receive heists this Spring. Rockstar announced a delay in June, though.

"We know many fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Online Heists that we had planned to release for you this spring, and they are taking more time to create than originally anticipated," Rockstar said. "We are very sorry for the delay, and are working hard to bring them to you as soon as we can."

There's a chance that online heists could be part of GTA Online's August update. However, if Rockstar had something that big just weeks away, you'd think they would've shared the news by now. It would go a long way toward soothing hurt feelings.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.