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One of the most iconic locations in the world of GTA 5 is the Vinewood sign that looms over the city of Los Santos. As it turns out, you can fly a plane through the sign. It's not easy, though.

Members of the GTA Online Reddit community /r/GTAA decided to try and fly through the "D" in the sign. It looks easier than it actually is. For starters, the hole in the middle of the letter is tall and narrow so you have to fly through sideways. Once you get through the "D," you'll have to make quick maneuvers to avoid the hill and radio tower right behind it.

As usual, the failures prove more entertaining than the successes. Several players misjudge their angle and crash right into the sign. Others misjudge how large the hole in the "D" is and try to fly helicopters, cargo planes or passenger jets through. If you like watching stuff run into other stuff and then explode, this video is catnip for your twisted soul.

Most of the successful flights were done with small planes like the Mammatus and Mallard. One skilled pilot manages to get through in a fighter jet, though. Damned impressive.

The video was mostly shot from the perspective of players hanging out by the sign. This allows for some really great angles. We get to see the side shot of the fighter jet zipping through the sign. We also get to watch a close-up of a Mallard clearing the sign but clipping one of its wings in the process. The plane manages to climb back into the air before spinning to the ground and crashing in a horrible explosion.

The GTAAdventures crew is known for these sorts of shenanigans. As they say on their subreddit, they're "dedicated to creating order from GTA Online chaos." In addition to making stunt videos and movie reenactments, they also host the occasional community event. For example, they're holding an April Fool's costume contest. The crew can be found on PS3 as "GTAA" and on Xbox 360 as "GTAX."

We're not the only ones entertained by the video. Rockstar took notice and saw fit to publish it on their official Twitter feed:

GTA Online stunt people sure have been busy lately. Their other recent exploits include a human bullet trick and jumps between cargo planes.
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