GTA 5 PC Release Date Website Is Fake

Before fanboys get up and get excited about a new website that has surfaced with a 15 day countdown timer and website source code information pointing to a “PC Release Date”, take note that the website is as fake as Pamela Anderson's money makers or the score card for the Mayweather versus Alvarez fight .

Se7en Sins came across an almost legitimate looking website called or "Rockstar Announcement". The site is currently counting down toward a “big reveal”. If you check the website's page source code you'll see that there are obvious (almost too obvious) indications about the big reveal being Rockstar announcing the official release date for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Check it out below

As noted on the forum, the whole thing is bogus looking. First up, there's nothing linking this back to Rockstar's official website and no mention of this particular domain or countdown on Rockstar's official website. That's the first red flag.

If you look through the source code of the web page you'll notice something fishy: support links to To sum it up quickly: You know how you see a YouTube account or Twitter account with several hundred thousand subscribers but it seems like the account has douche-tosh content and nothing worthwhile to offer and you're left wondering what sort of brain-dead zombie would subscribe to see douche-tosh content? Well, it's websites like Adixy that offer premium services to superficially inflate the appearance of social media reaction by pumping up the numbers with drone accounts; hence this is why the Rockstarannouncement page has so many retweets, follows, etc., etc.

Last but certainly most important is the who-is information. If you think there's still an inkling of hope that maybe Rockstar is behind the website and an announcement for the PC and PS4 versions of the game, just check out where the site was registered through and who owns it via the information:

Registration Service Provided By:



Registered through: eNom, Inc.

The site was registered on September 10th last week and expires on the same date of 2014. It was registered by the same company who also hosts called Enom, Inc.

Unless Rockstar has some shady sounding subsidiary and deals in pyramid-style investment schemes, then I tend to doubt that they have anything to do with the page. Also, when the heck did Rockstar start operating out of Panama?

I imagine someone wanted to cash in on the craze of GTA V and was hoping some silly site would redirect people there thinking that it was legit.

While many of us are hoping for more evidence and proof of a PC and next-gen version of GTA V I don't think we'll be getting it anytime soon and certainly not from sites like the named-and-shamed one mentioned here in this article.

You can still look to play GTA V on home consoles when it launches at retail this Tuesday. The game is available in some parts of the world right now as a digital download. If you pre-ordered through Amazon, be wary because Amazon UK is already sold out.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.