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The recent deluge of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots continues today with four more images. The official Xbox Facebook page released new shots depicting all manners of criminal activity.

The images show images from possible missions in the game. Franklin, riding a dirtbike, is chasing after a plane with one failed engine. Trevor, meanwhile, is scaling the Vinewood sign on the hills outside of Los Santos. A third screenshot shows a helicopter approaching a building owned by the FIB (the fictional equivalent of the FBI). The fourth is some simple grand theft auto.

GTA V is the first game in the series to have three protagonists. Franklin, Trevor and Michael each have distinct stories and personalities. They'll occasionally join forces on heists as well. Players will be able to switch between them on the fly throughout the game. It's one of many intriguing features about the game.

Rockstar will release GTA V in Spring 2013 on the PS3 and Xbox 360.