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With two full trailers and countless screenshots out there for the upcoming open-world action title, Grand Theft Auto V, some modders have decided to take what (little) information they have of the vehicles presented in the trailers and screenshots and mod/recreate them for Grand Theft Auto IV.

Now I know a lot of people didn't particularly like GTA IV for reasons attached to that of being boring and serious, but GTA IV's under-the-hood tech enabled it to become one of the most versatile and mod-friendly games ever made without requiring an actual SDK. The game has been converted into a Left 4 Dead spinoff, a Dead Island spinoff, a Spec Ops: The Line spinoff, an Assassin's Creed spinoff, a complete and total conversion to San Andreas, a complete conversion to Vice City and even a complete conversion to GTA III.

Well, according to PC Games, a group of modders are already porting over content from Grand Theft Auto V for use in Grand Theft Auto IV.

As the main image shows, the bugstars van has been faithfully recreated and looks as good as ever thanks to iCEnhancer.

You can grab the misc mod for GTA IV as you wait for GTA V to launch this upcoming spring. Head over to GTA Gaming to pick up GTA V car pack one and GTA V car pack two.