GameStop's PS4 Pre-Orders Are All Sold Out

GameStop has no more PS4 consoles for sale... even though the console isn't even out yet. The console pre-order supply has run dry several months before the release of Sony's next-generation home gaming device. I guess it's kind of obvious who's winning the pre-console war race right now.

PlayStation Lifestyle is reporting that GameStop's hardware stock of pre-order units for the PS4 has run out, shortly after the company was given the greenlight from Sony to unhinge the lever of limited pre-orders.

The spigot of sales has now been plugged, but not because Sony or GameStop put a halt to it, simply because supply has not met demand and they're all out.

At the time of publishing for PS Lifestyle's article, there were still expensive bundle packs available for the console. However, as of the writing of this article, even all the bundle packs for the PlayStation 4 have been completely sold out... everything.

Previously, we reported on the PlayStation 4's worldwide pre-order status, where the console had managed to become one of Amazon's best selling home consoles for 2013. Heck, even the OUYA managed to get in on the action, out-pacing the Xbox One over in Canada on Amazon.

But the real story here is that there is an overwhelming movement of gamers who have undoubtedly, unquestionably pledged their allegiance to Sony once the floodgates were opened. Why? Simple: The principle of maintaining the integrity of video game culture.

A lot of people may see this console war as a battle of brands, but core gamers see it as a battle of industry values. We were almost on the cusp of losing everything with the Xbox One's previous DRM measures and no gamer in their right mind could stand to support a future where there is no future for gaming.

The outpouring of dedication to the medium of interactive entertainment from gamers has been both soul-nourishing and a community-validating affair that echoes volumes of love, passion and diligence for the art and craft of video games.

Even though Microsoft has reneged on the DRM measures, a lot of gamers still want to show that they are a force to be reckoned with; despite being a minority, the core gamer is still a massive force of immeasurable willpower that can dictate the flow of the market, when they're willing... and boy do they seem willing right now.

Microsoft has an uphill struggle ahead of them: they'll need to win back over an audience they alienated with foreign policies of an anti-gaming nature and they'll need to prove that the lifeblood of the industry – the indie developers – have a home on a console that isn't just about pacifying the opulence of top-tier publishers.

Both Nintendo and Sony have proven that they understand that games start with game developers and they're doing everything in their power to nurture and foster the growth of ingenuity and creativity, and any gamer who loves gaming has got to love that.

All that said... the console war has still yet to start and I'm certainly geeked to see how it all plays out when things get underway this fall. We'll definitely keep you posted on the numbers as they continue to roll in.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.