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Gamers Who Stream On Periscope Now Have Access To A New And Game-Changing Tool

The latest version of Periscope has implemented a seemingly simple addition to the social media broadcasting service that could actually have a huge impact for gamers: You can now draw on the screen.

The drawing feature is only available for the iOS version (opens in new tab) of Periscope right now but, as you can see from the Tweeted announcement, it’s a pretty handy feature.

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And if you’re still scratching your head wondering why being able to pretend you’re John Madden giving a playback report for the NFL, then you’ve never tried to give a proper tutorial while or point something out while running a game stream.

Need to show someone how to get from a town to a hard-to-find cave in Elder Scrolls or The Witcher? Open up the in-game map and simply draw the exact path for all to see. Want to point out where an item is hidden in Dark Souls but can’t quite describe it? Circle what you’re talking about on-screen. Want to fill folks in on one of your most trusty combos in Street Fighter? Write it out on the screen for easier reference.

Those are only a couple of ideas and already it’s clear how being able to draw in your Periscope feed will make streaming games better than ever. And let’s not forget the added bonus of being able to draw Master Chief into a Destiny landscape or give viewers a reminder of websites, important dates and the like without needing to repeat it over and over again. Just draw it and leave it on the screen for a bit.

If you’ve already downloaded the new Periscope update for iOS, you can activate the drawing capabilities by simply holding your finger on the screen and tapping the word “Sketch” when it pops up. From there, you’ll have access to three different colors of lines to choose from or even be able to use a dropper to pull a color directly out of your video feed.

There’s no word on if or when Sketch functionality will be coming to the Android version of Periscope, but we’ve got to imagine plans are already in place to roll it out to the other half of users in the near future.

Outside of naughty pictures or writing the word “poop” on your stream screen, we’re definitely interested in hearing our readers’ ideas as to how the ability to draw within your Periscope feed can improve games streaming. Think of something we didn’t mention above? Give us your ideas in the comments below.

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