The final month of the year, the final monthly recap before the start of 2013 and it's all wrapped up nice and neat right here. Find out what really belted the bottom of gamers and tore some tears from the community throughout December, especially with the whole fallout between EA, Maxis and the community over SimCity's always-on DRM. There was also plenty of shouting, arguing, defending and accusations over The WarZ and the potential scam surrounding the game's release. Also, Valve has officially announced that they will be stepping into the living room couch wars with a Steam Box PC-console in 2013. These and more in this goodbye-to-2012 Gaming Blend Monthly Recap.

December 2nd – December 8th
Steam Big Picture Mode, VGA Winners, PS3 Finally Getting Skyrim DLC. Those were the top headlines for the very first week of December. It really hit home that PC gaming is really changing the landscape of the way games are played, especially with the upcoming Steambox on the horizon. But before that, Valve unleashed the Big Picture Mode. Spike TV VGAs crown some unlikely but well deserved winners and Sony's PlaySTation 3 will finally, finally get some Skyrim DLC.

December 9th – December 15th
Steam Console Coming, Assassin's Creed 4 Goes To Brazil, Diablo 3 On Console. Gabe Newell makes it known that a Steam console is now an official reality and will be arriving sometime next year (or if you're reading this a few days after publication, later on this year). New details emerge for the potential Assassin's Creed 4 and it looks like things might be ending up on the sunny side of Brazil. Also, Diablo 3 is finally coming to consoles...or more-so, it's finally become operational for consoles.
December 16th – December 22nd
THQ Files for Bankruptcy, Tons of Holiday Sales, Dark Souls 2 On Wii U. During this week everything begins to die down in order for people to get pumped about holiday celebrations and getting festive with family...or not. THQ finally bit the financial dust, but not in a bad way. They've been acquired by a venture capitalist but they'll continue operating as usual. During this week there were a bunch of different holiday sales running rampant across all sorts of retail and digital distributors and the most shocking of all the news was a petition for Dark Souls II to appear on the Wii U.

December 23rd – December 29th
Gaming Blend's Top 5 Games of 2012, WarZ Community Fallout, SimCity DRM...the final full week of December wraps up with a bang. Usually things are all calm and placid and everyone is enjoying their Christmas gifts and indulging in the iphonography of bragging to friends what they got from under the tree, but oh no...that's not how things work in gaming. For the bitter rivalry between DayZ and WarZ, things got real ugly...ugly to the point of which the word “scam” became so synonymous with WarZ that Steam had to pull the game from their digital shelves. There was also equal amounts of fan uproar over the always-on DRM status for SimCity. But amongst all the naysayings, we still celebrated the good games that deserved our attention throughout 2012 and have a nice little list of the top games to round out the year.

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