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Gears Of War 3 Has Casual Mode

Gears of War 3 might be the end of a trilogy but Epic Games wants to make it accessible to newcomers. They plan to include a "Casual Mode" to make the game's multiplayer more newbie-friendly.

The Casual mode for GoW3 will be exclusive to people who have never played a Gears game before. According to IGN, you won't be have access to Casual mode if you've unlocked any Achievements from Gears of War or Gears of War 2. Beta testers for Gears 3, who no doubt gained a lot of experience in the game's multiplayer, will be similarly excluded.

Epic hasn't revealed the full extent of Casual mode. All we know so far is that it will include an aim assist function. It's possible the other details have yet to be ironed out. Epic is presumably putting a lot of work into balancing this mode. The ideal is that newcomers will get enough help that they won't get destroyed in their first matches but they won't have an unfair advantage over veterans.

Perhaps Casual mode players will be segregated from the general player population. That would make it easier to balance the perks. However, it would also make those perks a bit unnecessary if you were playing against other newbies. Furthermore, limiting a new player to a smaller pool of other players would make Matchmaking difficult.

It's not clear when Casual mode will "switch off." In all likelihood, it's tied to an GoW3 achievement or other player statistics. For example, the game might cut the umbilical cord as soon as you finish ten matches.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.