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Getting Your Girlfriend Into Gaming With Castle Crashers

There’s no rest around the gaming news circuit when it comes to getting a female companion into the world of hardcore video games. Just recently, Ryan Rigney from Slapstic wrote an insightful piece about getting your non-gaming girlfriend into gaming. The best place to start? Well, the suggestion of Castle Crashers comes to mind.

SlapStic owner Ryan Rigney writes about the different ways of helping to engage thy relationship with video games. The tips are handy and based on his first-hand experience, they seem to work. Ryan and his girlfriend have shared experiences on Castle Crashers, and her level 10 knight seems to be kicking butt and taking names.

There’s a check list on the site that is almost universally useful for a productive and healthy relationship all the way around. Feel free to check out how to Get Your Girlfriend Into Gaming With Castle Crashers Here. For more relationship tips, gaming news, and information, be sure to stay finely tuned in with Blend Games.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.