Micropose hasn't been sitting around in a dark corner sulking over the demise of the X-Com franchise. No, the company has moved on and moved up in the world, like producing an 'M' rated fighting game featuring an all-girl cast of scantily clad women called Girl Fight.

Developed by Kung-Fu Factory, the same minds behind Supremacy MMA, the game features a wide array of playable female characters as they battle one another in a secret laboratory featuring pugilists from around the world. You could say, it's like an even more risque version of Dead or Alive. Although, I can't say the name is more or less brain-dead.

Anyways, gamers will pick a female fighter who is armed with a unique fighting style and psionic powers and battle their way to freedom from the evil group only known as THE FOUNDATION.

Like many recent fighting games released, players will be able to customize their fighter's abilities and appearance as well as unlock additional content and options for fighters simply by playing the game.

A brief list of the features can be viewed below. Girl Fight is scheduled to release for the Sony Entertainment Network and the Xbox Live Arcade in late spring. For more information feel free to visit the Official Facebook Page.

Girl Fight features include:

Fighting Styles and Character Options: Players can select from a wide range of distinct fighters, each with their own fighting style. Players can even create their own experience by customizing their fighter’s appearance and abilities.

Unlockables and Customization: Players will find a robust set of unlockables to further customize their characters by proving themselves as the ultimate femme fatale in the ring. Points can unlock new character skins, more varied abilities and codex entries.

Arenas: Girl Fight takes the players all across a virtual globe in many different arenas, filled in by augmented reality constructs. From war-ravaged San Francisco to the rubble of demolished Foundry buildings, reality and fiction blur in the virtual arenas.

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