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The independent Kickstarter project from Flying Carpet Games, The Girl and the Robot, has not only been successfully funded and primed for release on PC and Wii U later this year, but the game has now been added to the software line-up of the PlayStation 4, too.

Examiner picked up the news from a recent update on the official Kickstarter page of The Girl and the Robot.

As noted by Salim Larochelle in the post update...
“It seems like our game caught the attention of Sony and we managed to get a deal with them. We are happy to announce that GnR will be available on PS4 !!”

So to recap, our game will come out on WiiU, PS4 and Steam (PC, Mac, Linux). For those who pledged 25$ and up, we will send you a survey again closer to release date to ask which version you would like.”

The funny thing about it is that gamers keep asking and requesting for this Kickstarted and crowd-funded games to come to the Wii U, where-as Sony keeps seeking out these projects and asking the developers to port the game to the PS4.

It's an interesting dynamic where we see gamers seemingly going out of their way to want to see more unique and dynamic games on Nintendo's console, and Sony seems to be going out of their way to have as many diverse titles in the PS4's library as possible.

As for the Girl and the Robot, the game is a throwback to the ICO-style platformers unique to the PS2, where the game uses a mix of various adventure and puzzle elements fused with hardcore combat tactics. Players will cycle back and forth between playing the girl and playing as the robot.

It's an inventive game that – oh wait, why do I need to convince you with words? I'll let the visual depiction of the title trample its way into the good parts of your mind.

The game was originally announced back in September of last year as a title that was seeking approval on Steam's Greenlight service. Eventually, Flying Carpet Games brought the inventive adventure game to Kickstarter in October and within a short period of time, managed to accrue the necessary funds to turn the project into a software reality.

It won't be long now before The Girl and the Robot makes its way onto Steam, Wii U and the PlayStation 4. This is also another game that appears to be skipping release on the Xbox One. Tough luck, having paid $100 more than the PS4 and getting fewer games, lower resolution and no way to upgrade or replace your fast-filling hard drive. Tsk, tsk.

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