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Global Twitter Poll Shows 88% For PS4, 12% For Xbox One

The big thing now is to gauge consumer interest for both Microsoft and Sony's upcoming consoles. While VoucheCodesPro showed a near split between people interested in the Xbox One and people not interested in the Xbox One, a more indubitable poll has surfaced pitting the XB1 versus the PS4 and there's no doubt about which one the world's gaming community prefers.

The Twitter poll is being hosted by GameSpot and it's keeping global track of who is for which console: The PS4 or the Xbox One. It's quite simple and can be done with or without a click-through to GameSpot. Simply use the hashtag GameSpotPS4 or GameSpotXbox to show your allegiance.

This officially kicks off a preview of what to expect for the emerging Console War this gen, and it's not looking too good for Microsoft. A lot of gamers outside of the U.S.A, however, will be exempt from using many of the core Xbox One features, such as their sports packages, their television services and their streaming apps. All-in-all, the biggest features from the console reveal on Tuesday contained a lot of content that non-Americans won't be able to access. So, it's easy to see why Brits, Germans, Aussies and everyone else in between aren't entirely excited for the Xbox One.

Also, one of the things you'll notice in the Tweets section is that many people are taking the opportunity to either fanboy it up or unleash charts showing reasons why you won't want to buy an Xbox One.

Truth be told, it's a little hard to say there's bias when Microsoft stacked the cards against themselves. Back in early February a leak from Edge indicated that there would be an always-on function and a used game prevention system setup on the next-gen Xbox. The leak kept gaining traction when additional sources from different gaming publications were reporting the same thing. While everyone was expecting Microsoft to turn down, burn and bury the rumors at their reveal on May 21st, they did just the opposite, resulting in a massive backlash that spread across the internet gaming communities like wildfire. Angry Joe's rant kind of says it all.

In just two days the next-gen Xbox went from being the most anticipated console reveal to being the most lambasted.

Given the scurry to gather more information on the used game fees, Microsoft's poor reception has actually caused people to take a second look at Sony and the PS4. Gamers are now curious if there will be any additional fees attached to the PS4, despite Sony's own president saying that the console will play used games. Although, playing games and paying fees for those games are two different things.

As the global Twitter poll suggests (though highly unscientific), gamers seem to be siding with the company whose console represents the lesser evil toward the gaming industry. It's safe to say that Microsoft's intentions aren't even a slippery slope, it's just a horrible anti-consumer slide towards you losing your privacy rights, your ownership rights, and most importantly, your gaming rights.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.