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New details of Microsoft's next Xbox console have come to the light and prominent gaming website Edge says they have the inside source, confirming some things while revealing new things. The most shocking is that the next Xbox will supposedly ban used games, will be always-on like Diablo III and it will sport 50GB Blu-ray discs.

According to Edge, they have "reliable” intel from someone who actually works close with the next gen Xbox. We all know what happened last time gaming websites claimed to have inside information, but they seem a lot more confident in their findings as opposed to an anonymous letter that tricked even Yahoo! News into printing false information.

Anyway, according to this “insider” the Xbox 720 will be an always-on system with integrated online functionality attached to its OS and software, preventing users from using already-used games on different machines. The always-on part would also mean that even if you're playing a single player "offline" game you could still be disconnected from the experience if your ISP or connection has problems.

The one-time-activation code for each system has already garnered massive fire and ire from the gaming community, as they equipped their flameproof jockstraps and gave Microsoft a digital piece of their mind. Saying that they would rather join the PC Master Race or worse yet, the Casual Crusaders over in the Big 'N's camp than support MS if the console really is always-on with a ban on used games.

On the bright side, according to Edge the “insider” confirmed that the specs recently released in those supposed “leaked diagrams” are what Microsoft is going with. If that's true then the system will be quite beastly with 8GB of DDR3 RAM and an octo-core processor.

The real upside to this rumor, if it's true, is that the Xbox 720 will sport a 50GB capacity Blu-ray disc, conceding to Sony's format.

However, that upside comes with another downside, as Edge states that Microsoft is extremely restrictive with how APIs are handled and have limited developers to only using “approved” APIs, meaning that it's going to be a lot like Windows 8, where-as Edge claims that Sony's PlayStation 4 will allow developers to get “closer to the metal” and utilize more organic, creative coding techniques.

There's no telling if any of this will come to fruition but I'm hoping this is all bile spewed by a 4Chan troll looking for some “lulz” only to further discredit video game journalism.

I could live with video game journalism sinking below whatever is worse than a pit filled with toxic burrito feces, more than I could Microsoft making the Xbox 720 always-on and banning used games. The latter is almost as bad as EA being named publisher of the year by Metacritic.

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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