The God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta has been raging for quite a few weeks now, bolstered by an invitation to all PlayStation Plus subscribers earlier this month. Now the folks over at Sony Santa Monica are feeling all generous and, as a reward for those who have taken part in the beta, they've announced plans to make available a free “Champions Blade” and “Champions Armor” once the game goes live on March 12.

In God of War: Ascension multiplayer, combatants align themselves with one of four gods of Olympus, including Hades, Ares, Zeus and Poseidon. Think of these alignments as choosing your class, as whichever god you choose to fight for will grant you different stats, equipment and abilities. Once you're out on the field of battle, two teams battling for different gods will start murdering the crap out of one another, opening treasure chests, triggering booby traps and all of those other violent things you've grown used to doing over the franchise's history.

Anyone who participates in the beta for any period of time will be greatly rewarded for helping the developers solidify Ascension's online components. Once the game proper launches in early March, beta testers will be awarded a nifty new weapon, the Champions Blade, as well as a Spartan-themed set of duds, the Champion's armor. These items can be mixed and matched with the other gear you unlock in multiplayer, or just put on as a complete outfit for bragging rights.

And now that you've learned about some cool treats for jumping into the beta, why not take a behind the scenes look at Sony Santa Monica's recent press day for God of War: Ascension? You can do exactly that by heading on over to the latest post on the PlayStation Blog.

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