While Super Bowl fans the world over will be able to enjoy the full God of War: Ascension trailer at some point during the big game, you lovely readers can clap your peepers on it nice and early. As in, “right now.”

If you feel like you’re already overdosing on the latest entry in the God of War franchise, it’s because Ascension has received quite a bit of press time this past week. Sony first released a teaser for the following trailer that, even though it didn’t directly say it was tied to God of War, everyone began speculating as much. Then an even longer teaser hit the internet, this time letting everyone know that, yes, it was building up to a new God of War trailer. Then Sony announced the God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle PS3, which comes with a red console and six (Count 'em! Six!) God of War games.

So, yeah, it’s been a pretty long road back into Sparta. But now we’ve finally arrived and we can finally see what all of the fuss has been about over this new trailer. If you ask me, the buildup was worth it.

Emotional. Ominous. Exciting. The new Ascension trailer has pretty much all of the required hooks to get me interested in a game.

So now, when this “From Ashes” trailer pops up during the Super Bowl and your friends start talking about it, you can be all, “Oh, the new God of War trailer? Yeah, that’s SO Friday morning. Get with the times, guys.”

Look for God of War: Ascension to tug on the ole’ heartstrings (and then cut them out of your chest cavity) on March 12.

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