In God of War: Ascension's multiplayer, players take on the role of followers of Mount Olympus' gods. A new trailer from Sony shows the powers that Zeus' champions will wield in these arena battles.

Zeus imbues all of his followers with lightning abilities. They can fire bolts to hit enemies from a distance, or electrify the ground around them to take out entire groups of foes at once. Additionally, they can regenerate mana or boost the stats of their teammates.

Ascension's multiplayer will let players follow four different gods: Zeus, Hades, Ares, or Poseidon. The other gods will offer distinctly different powers to their followers. Over time, champions will unlock new abilities as they gain experience in battle.

The multiplayer beta for Ascension will begin this winter for PlayStation Plus members. Zeus will be the first god available for testing with this online test.

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