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Sony's Santa Monica Studio is hiring for their next big game. The project, as of the writing of this news article, is currently unnamed and unannounced. However, it might be safe to assume that it's probably for the PlayStation 4.

According to GameZone, SCEA's Santa Monica division is looking for a few key personnel to branch out and expand their operations. Right now they're looking for a Senior Staff Concept Artist, Art Production Manager, Animator, and a Senior Environment Artist.

What's more is that in some of the job descriptions hints about the game can be found. For instance, it's made quite clear that this unannounced project will have a heavy dosage of melee combat and that some of the new employees will have to be willing to understand the mechanics that go into a combat-heavy game.

Could it be a spinoff of God of War? And even more-so, could it be a launch title for the PlayStation 4? Timeline wise it would make sense....the game isn't announced and if they're still hiring for art assets and animators then the game is still early in development. This would put the time-frame of release somewhere around late 2013 or potentially early 2014.

As a first-party studio working on an unannounced project the possibilities are somewhat endless, save for the fact that we know it has heavy amounts of combat in the game and they are also hiring for an online network programmer for leaderboards, match-making and client servers...which ultimately means that the game will have some form of an online component.

You can check out the complete listing for the Santa Monica Studio over at Gama Sutra.