A new gameplay trailer has been released for Atlus and Oldschool Games' upcoming third-person, fantasy-action shooter, Godmode. The newest trailer for the game focuses on the game's multiplayer mayhem, the challenges, the combat and a few of the customization features that help round out the gameplay experience.

The new trailer comes courtesy of GameTrailers, who managed to get their hands on the new piece of media before anyone else and I must say that if the game is as fun as it looks then Atlus could have another hit on their hands just like with Demon's Souls.

I'm also really digging this idea of going with smaller games with big ideas as opposed to trying make big games with tired ideas. In other words, Atlus seems to be doing it right.

Heck, this game looks legit.

I kind of like the off-the-wall approach to mixing typical military-style combat with fantasy monsters and settings. It's a little like a more jocular approach to Gears of War or a less over-the-top version of BulletStorm.

Gamers looking to get their obnoxious fun on can do so pretty soon, as Godmode will launch in this early first quarter for the Xbox 360, PS3 and on Steam for PC. Need more info? Feel free to visit the Atlus' Official Website.

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