Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have released a Gotham City Impostors trailer showing off the arsenal at players' disposal in the game. They also announced some news about the game's beta testing.

In Impostors, players take on the role of Gotham citizens who idolize Batman and Joker. They dress like their heroes and battle each other throughout the city. Unlike their idols, though, these gangs have no problems killing each other.

The Bats and Jokerz' choice of weapons is different than their idols as well. Their arsenal includes conventional weapons like firearms and blades. They have a few cartoonish gadgets at their disposals, too, like a freeze gun and an explosive jack in the box.

The 6v6 multiplayer shooter is currently in beta on the PC. Warner Bros. says that a console beta will go live soon. You can register on the game's website for a chance to participate.

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